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About Lakewood


About Lakewood Cemetery

Lakewood Cemetery is a special place. It's a haven of beauty, art and history, but its our important role is to serve families by providing a place of remembrance for loved ones.

Lakewood’s mission and values
The Lakewood Cemetery Association is a nonprofit association, governed by a board of trustees. Its mission is to:

  • Provide memorialization of the dead in a place of beauty and solace; giving comfort to families and individuals by meeting final needs with compassion and dignity.
  • Preserve and strengthen its assets so that it can continue to share its rich history, artistic treasures and beautiful landscape with the community.
  • Perpetuate its life as an active cemetery by offering traditional and alternative memorialization options that will serve the public while conserving land and protecting the character of its landscape.
  • Participate within the community and the industry as an advocate for memorialization that serves all people regardless of race, religion or financial standing.

Guiding principles of Lakewood
Lakewood is guided by several principles governing the cemetery’s beauty and quality.
See our guiding principles (PDF).

Memorial property and cremation choices
With more than 250 acres, Lakewood will continue to provide memorial property and cremation choices for many years to come. As a nonprofit organization, all funds generated from sales at Lakewood are contributed to a trust fund that is used for the continual care of the cemetery. For more information, visit the cremation or memorial property sections of this site.

History, art & gardens
Lakewood’s park-like grounds have preserved the history of our community’s people, cultures and events since 1871. We have captured some of this history, as well as information about funerary art and architecture found at Lakewood, and we share it with the community in a variety of ways. Learn more in the tours and events and history and art sections of this site.

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