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FAQs about memorial property at Lakewood Cemetery

What are my memorial property choices?
Lakewood offers burial property outdoors in traditional or memorial park sections, crypt entombment in our Garden Mausoleum , or Memorial Community Mausoleum, or garden crypt entombment outdoors. We offer individual lots, double lots, and family lots (with several graves). For more information about these options, call us at 612-822-2171 or visit the memorial property section of this site.

What are the advantages of a mausoleum burial?
Mausoleum crypts offer a comfortable place for family and loved ones to visit year round. Crypts also provide an alternative to those who might have an aversion to being interred in the ground.

Do you sell markers and headstones?
Yes, we have markers and headstones available for purchase, and we also sell marker services. Please refer to our general price list (PDF) and call us for details. Financing is available and all proceeds from the sale of markers is used to maintain Lakewood’s grounds and facilities.

What does a marker cost, and may I purchase one for a loved one already interred at Lakewood?
Yes, you may purchase a marker for a loved one at the time of need or for a loved one previously interred at Lakewood. The price of a marker depends on which kind you choose. There are several designs and materials available. Please contact us at 612-822-2171 for options and prices.

What are burial vaults and grave liners?
A vault is an outside container into which a casket is placed. Vaults help prevent the ground from collapsing around a grave. Burial vaults are designed to protect the casket and may be made of a variety or combination of materials, including concrete, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, bronze, plastic or fiberglass. A grave liner is a lightweight version of a vault.

Why do I have to use a vault? Is it required by law?
Minnesota state law does not require a vault or outer burial container. However, Lakewood Cemetery does require an outer burial container or vault to prevent the ground from collapsing around a grave. This also gives the ground above an even appearance, and helps reduce the chance of a person tripping on sunken ground.

Do you sell vaults?
Yes, burial vaults are available for purchase at Lakewood. We have several designs from which to choose. Concrete grave liners, which also meet the minimum requirements at Lakewood, may also be purchased at a competitive price. Financing is available and all proceeds from the sale of vaults are used to maintain Lakewood’s grounds and facilities.

How much do graves cost?
Within the cemetery, grave prices can vary by the section in which the grave is located, by type (grave or crypt), by the number of interments allowed in the lot or whether the grave will be in a single, double or family lot. Please contact Lakewood to learn the costs and benefits of each option.

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