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Why plan ahead?

Most of us are not prepared to deal with the problems, grief, indecisions and costs of a loved one’s death. Making decisions about memorial property or cremation in advance helps protect your family from having to make these decisions when their lives are complicated by grief.

Advantages of pre-planning include:

  • Puts you in control of decisions
  • You can make choices together with your spouse and family
  • Purchase at today’s prices
  • Pay in installments over time with no interest

If you’re considering purchasing in advance, Lakewood’s knowledgeable staff can help you learn about your choices and answer your questions. In order to prepare you for this conversation, this site contains information about Lakewood’s cremation and memorial property options. You can also refer to our glossary and find answers to common questions.

Please call us at (612) 822-2171 or send an email if you would like to discuss your options.

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