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FAQs about cremation at Lakewood Cemetery

How much does cremation cost?
Please refer to our general price lists for cremation services and cremation memorialization options at Lakewood.

What costs are involved with cremation? Cost typically include the cremation itself, a memorial service if you choose to have one, and a container for the cremated remains (called a urn). Urns can be simple or elaborate, made from materials like wood, bronze, stainless steel or marble. Some can also be customized with personal touches such as engraved names.
In addition, we suggest choosing a permanent memorial at Lakewood so friends and family have a place they can visit. Lakewood offers several options:

Can cremated remains be placed in the ground?
Yes, cremated remains may be placed in the ground inside a cremation urn and vault.

Do you provide urns?
Yes, you may purchase a cremation urn at Lakewood. (Urns are required for niches and in-ground burial.) For in-ground burial, urn vaults are also required. Urn vaults are metal containers that protect the urn. Financing is available and all proceeds from the sales of urns and urn vaults are used to maintain Lakewood's grounds and facilities. Learn more about cremation urns and vaults.

Do you scatter on your grounds? Do you have a "scattering garden”?
Lakewood does not have "scattering gardens" but permits scattering on some areas of the grounds with the proper authorization and registration. If you choose to scatter, we suggest a plaque on our Tree of Remembrance or Tribute Wall as a place for family and loved ones to visit (ask us about additional options). We also offer burial of cremated remains and entombment in niches above-ground.

Why should I consider a permanent memorial?
You may choose to have cremated remains scattered in a place that is meaningful to you. However, we encourage you to discuss this with your loved ones. Some people find it difficult to physically scatter the remains of a loved one onto the ground or into the sea. In addition, undeveloped land may be developed in the future or your family may need to sell property where your cremated remains have been scattered. Purchasing property at Lakewood ensures that future generations will have a place to go to remember. If you do choose to scatter your cremated remains, Lakewood encourages you to have your name and dates placed on our Tree of Remembrance or Tribute Wall, so loved ones have a place to visit that will always be maintained and preserved. Other options are also available.

Why is having a place to visit so important?
A place to visit provides a focal point for your loved ones to remember you – a natural and important part of the grieving process. Psychologists say that remembrance practices, from the funeral service to a place for remembrance, serve an important emotional function for loved ones by helping to bring closure and allowing the healing process to begin.

If you have more questions about cremation, please contact us at 612-822-2171 or info@lakewoodcemetery.com.


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